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Monday, March 5, 2012


I just finished another frame for the Embellish Boutique, I love doing these altered projects, so much fun to start with something so plain and turn it into a piece for selling at the Boutique. I sell quite a few things there ranging from cards, picture frames, cigar boxes, mini albums, ribbon with laces that I have hand sewn and flowers that I make by sewing. So much fun these projects are and keeps me busy. I also do special orders for the Boutique.


  1. Very pretty Barb. I wish there were someplace around here to buy and sell things like that. I so love hand made items! And yours are always so beautiful!

  2. Hi Barbara, I have finally taken the plunge and I've started my own blog! I've only done one post as I'm still trying to work out how to do everything, not least uploading photos but I'll get there - eventually! But it does mean I think I can comment on your blog now! I love your frames, they are very pretty and you are lucky to have somewhere near by to sell them. I need to get a bit more prolific before I can sell anything, I'm a bit slow! Keep up the great work, its lovely!