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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Gift

This is the first of five picture frames I need to make for Christmas presents. I love doing this kind of altering, my favorite part is doing all the foofoo to it.I love how this one turned out.

New Projects

My Granddaughter made the next two projects, this one is a chaulk message board using a picture frame, painting the glass with spray chaulkboard paint and embellishing the frame, very nice project Trisha

This is a magnet board she made from a cookie sheet, she also made the magnets by
cutting paper and glueing to the back of a bauble and adding a magnet. Very useful

A Picture of My Baby Girl

The boys didn't get their picture taken, they wouldn't stay still

A New Project

These were made from 2x4's, Painted and put your paper on and alphas, and embellish.
You can also use 4x4's