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Saturday, October 15, 2011

My beloved husband

I feel the need to post this, My dearly beloved husband passed away on Oct 14, He went very peacefully and he is in heaven now with my parents, his parents, and his favorite dog, bud. It is so hard for me, and my family, and all his friends,but he is happy and no pain. He was the love of my life. We met when we were teenagers and that was it, we had a beautiful life together having 2 daughters, Diane and Robin, 1 son, Darrel,
a beautiful granddaughter, Trisha, a wonderful grandson, Rick, and the cutest great grandson, Mason. We had a very small family but a mighty great family, we are all feeling the pain of his passing, but soon we will be smiling and laughing and saying, remember when we did this and that. He will never be forgotton by anyone.He was one of the most caring , trusting, hard working, truthful, man anyone could have ever met. He will be in our hearts every minute of every day. I will miss him dearly but I will never forget him and life goes on. Rest in peace Rex, I love you every minute of every day and I will be with you again one day, I will think of you every day, you were my rock, my life, my love and nothing will every change. Love you so much.