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Saturday, July 24, 2010

This is part of our property in Pinetop, Az. we have 41/2 acres and we have 4 houses and we love it here. Right now we have had so much rain and everything is so green it is just beautiful.
It is always green even some of the pine trees stay green during the cold snowy winters. The oak trees are gorgeous but loose there leaves in the winter.


  1. How wonderful to have that room! I'm not sure I would like being away from everyone like that, I used to living in a close community with only driveways between the houses. I do love to be out in the rural area for vacations and weekends though, it is very rejuvenating. Looks like a beautiful area!

  2. Barb, Thanks for post that picture. You area is not how I pictured it. LOL I thought AZ only had deserts. LOL
    By the way, do you think your hubby would build me a house like yours? =)